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Voters Don’t Buy Into Increased Taxes

By Focus Staff
In this week’s Knoxville Focus poll, voters were asked, “President Obama advisor David Axlerod said, “The President won the election after pledging to raise taxes”.  Do you believe Obama’s victory gives him a mandate to raise taxes?”
Less than 25% of those surveyed thought President Obama’s reelection victory gave him a mandate to raise taxes.  More than 75% felt Obama’s reelection was not a mandate to raise taxes.
Interestingly, not a single demographic felt the President has a mandate to raise taxes.  Every district in the City of Knoxville as well as Knox County was in agreement.  Even inside the First District, a resounding 75.86% said they did not believe the President had a mandate to raise taxes.  Obama won huge majorities inside the First District in the recent election.
The highest margin of those saying they think the President has a mandate to raise taxes was in the Seventh District, which is North Knox County.  Just over 29% of voters in the Seventh District believe that the President has a mandate to increase taxes, with more than 70% saying they don’t believe Obama has such a mandate.

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