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Knox Countians Don’t Like Red-Light Cameras

By Focus Staff

This week’s Knoxville Focus poll posed the question to likely voters: “Do you support the use of red light cameras?”.

The results were varied across the City of Knoxville and Knox County, as well as in different demographics.  Voters aged 30-49 don’t approve of the use of red light cameras, while voters over age 65 narrowly approve of them.

Voters in the Second District were the only folks to narrowly approve the use of red light cameras, with just over 53% registering their support.  The results were reasonably close inside those districts which are inside the City of Knoxville.

Once outside the City of Knoxville, voters by increasing margins disapprove of the use of red light cameras.

By almost four percentage points, more women than men approve the use of red light cameras.

Overall, more than 60% of voters disapprove the use of red light cameras.

Click here to view full results.

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