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POLL: Most Knox Countians Didn’t Know About McIntyre’s Lack of Experience

By Focus Staff
This week’s Knoxville Focus poll posed the question, “Were you aware that Knox County Superintendent of Schools has only one year of classroom teaching experience?”
The response was a resounding “no” with more than 72% of respondents saying they had no idea Dr. McIntyre had so little teaching experience. That answer carried throughout every demographic and voting district of almost 450 people polled.
The Fourth and Seventh Districts posted the highest number of those saying they knew McIntyre had only one year of teaching experience; just over 35% of those polled in the Seventh District said they were aware McIntyre had one year of teaching experience. The Seventh District is comprised of Halls, Fountain City and North Knoxville. Slightly fewer residents of the Fourth District, which is comprised of Sequoyah Hills and West Knoxville, claimed to realize McIntyre has but one year of teaching experience to his name.
The highest percentage of those unaware of McIntyre’s classroom credentials were in the Sixth and Ninth District, which is South Knoxville. More than 79% of respondents said they did not know McIntyre had only one year of teaching experience. The Sixth District, which includes the Karns and Powell communities posted the highest number of overall respondents unaware of McIntyre having taught in the classroom for one year. Almost 81% of Sixth District residents said they did not know about McIntyre’s lack of teaching credentials.
The highest number of those oblivious to McIntyre’s classroom experience were those in the 30 – 49 age category, oddly the age group most likely to have children in school. More than 75% of those in the 30 – 49 age group did not realize McIntyre had taught school for only one year.

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