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Returning to the Hoot

By Dan Andrews

Published Monday, July 2, 2012

When I first covered “Teen Hoot” it was a small jam session being broadcast on the internet. About 50 people showed up. The last “Teen Hoot” had 1500 people show up and was a sellout.  This month on July 6th and 7th, “Teen Hoot”  becomes a huge festival with young talented singers from all over the world. Artists from Canada, Britain, Australia, and the Curacao. Also, for the first time in “Teen Hoot” history, a local Knoxville artist will be performing.

Making his first appearance at “Teen Hoot” is  Jacob Whitesides. He is an award winning, multi-faceted and experienced singer/songwriter, In addition to the guitar, he also performs on the drums, ukulele, and electric lead. While speaking with Jacob one quickly realizes how dedicated, professional and mature this young talented singer is. The significance of performing at “Teen Hoot” is not taken lightly by this young artist:

“This is an exciting and amazing opportunity for me. Last year I went as a person in the crowd and made it a goal of mine to perform on the “Teen Hoot” stage.  Since that time, the competition to perform on that stage has risen to a whole new level. For me, being asked to perform at Teen Hoot is a major accomplishment.  It gives me an amazing feeling to have the opportunity to perform for a global audience and reach such a strong personal goal. The best part about this for me is many of my friends who normally are unable to come to a show, will be able to watch me online from the comfort of their home.”

Once again people at home will be able to watch both performances live via the internet at Fans will also be able to interact via twitter. During a previous event “#teenhoot” trended as the number three topic worldwide on twitter. With the strong global presence at this “Teen Hoot” the show might trend higher. Also possibly helping it to trend higher might be the co-host Christian Beadles. With approximately 1,400,000 followers on twitter, he is a global phenom who has made a name for himself.

Many of the artists who have performed in the past at “Teen Hoot” are starting to make a name for themselves in the music world. This was clearly evident on June 22nd at the Best Buy Theater in New York City. Former “Teen Hoot” performer Austin Mahone sold out the theater in minutes. Fans traveled from as far away as Florida just to see him perform in concert.The NYPD had to call in extra units because of the mob of young teenage female fans that were waiting outside trying to get a glimpse of the rising star.  Opening for him was Peyton Sanders who quickly won over the crowd and is rapidly establishing himself as a  solid performer. Peyton Sanders will once again be performing at this “Teen Hoot.”

“Teen Hoot” is entering an exciting new time with exciting new challenges. While no longer the small jam session that it once was, it still keeps to its roots as a fan based event. During the festival their will be a three hour dedicated autograph signing. While the music industry is rapidly evolving, one thing that is constant is that “Teen Hoot” is at the vanguard of the future of music.

Photos will be posted following the July Hootenanny.
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