This  taken directly from Merle FM’s Facebook Page.
Friends I am disappointed to tell you that Merle FM WILL NOT be part of the Wednesday Idol Viewing party. Although we were invited by the venue, it seems another radio station was also invited. Normally we would not mind to have another station at an event. However, the other station threatened not to come at all if Merle was there. After speaking with Janelle’s family Merle FM has decided we would never do anything to jeopardize Janelle’s chances on Idol. Therefore we will simply continue to promote her on the air and encourage all of our listeners to vote for her. That way Janelle gets the full support of Merle FM , and the other station will continue to support her as well. Merle FM normally would not respond to such threats from a competitor but with so much riding on every vote for Janelle we decided it was the right thing to do. We are told by Janelles Uncle Robbie Underwood that he is going to request Janelle call Jack on Merle FM live. Not sure if that will be today or not. Just stay tuned in.”