Kennedy Dental group photo

By Mike Steely
Offering upscale professional dental office care, Kennedy Dentistry is located just north of Knoxville, in Powell, Tennessee. The office, at 2529 West Emory Road, is celebrating 10 years of service to the area.
To celebrate the anniversary, Dr. Kennedy recently treated his staff on a cruise to Nassau, Bahamas. Dr Kennedy’s wife, Sara, is expecting in September, and unfortunately they cannot accompany the staff due to travel restrictions.
“I hire my staff for their personality and trustworthiness and they take very good care of our patients. Some have been with me since we started with one doctor and one employee. They deserved the trip,” he said.
Doctor R. Patrick Kennedy hails from Kingsport, TN and came to Knoxville with his late wife, Kelly Ballard, who was from Powell. Dr. Kennedy has a bachelor’s of science degree from UT, Knoxville and a doctorate in Dental Surgery from UT Memphis. Unfortunately, in 2010, his wife had a heart attack at 38 and passed away. Dr. Kennedy had established roots in Knoxville and liked the area so much that he decided to stay.
“I love the area, especially north Knox County, the people are so friendly,” he told The Focus. “We’re blessed to be in this area.”
“Once I had set roots here, I decided to remain. I have a beautiful daughter, Taylor, and a new wife, Sara, who inspire me.”
Kennedy Dentistry is known for its excellent customer service and affordable care. Dr. Kennedy is proud of the professional care and upscale equipment.
“We do everything from veneers to extractions. We team with area specialists for complicated cases and I don’t know of many procedures that we can’t do with their help,” he said. “Our practice spans from simple care to extreme dental makeovers.”
The office keeps up with the latest technologies that include soft tissue lasers, digital x-rays, laser cavity detectors, intra-oral cameras, and “Cerec” same-day crowns.
“We also offer ’6 months smiles’ which is an accelerated short-term orthodontic procedure that can straighten teeth in as little as six months,” he said.
Dr. Trent Stansbury, who has recently joined Kennedy Dentistry, is excited to implement new dental technologies at the practice. Kennedy Dentistry now has 3D scanners that take a 3D image of a tooth and digital x-rays, which use up to 90% less radiation than a traditional film x-ray and help improve patient care as well as patient comfort.
“Our fees are reasonable and we provide the professional service you’d expect in West Knoxville or in a big city,” Dr. Kennedy said.
The Kennedy staff have many “long-term employees that are like family,” of which, include Teresa Stooksbury. She is a Financial Coordinator and has been with the office since the first day. In order to maintain customer service and see patients in a timely manner, Kennedy Dentistry has also added some new staff members, including new associate, Dr. Stansbury. Dr. Stansbury said he was looking for over two years for a great, professional office to join and luckily found Kennedy Dentistry.
“I love my staff because they don’t just act like they care about patients, they really do care,” said Dr. Kennedy.
Kennedy Dentistry is currently open Monday through Fridays 8-5. You can contact the office at (865) 947-2220 or email them at You can also find Kennedy Dentistry online at