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A Titanic Surprise

First Class Maid Jodi from Pigeon Forge’s Titanic Museum Attraction paid a surprise visit to seventh grade Gresham Middle School Language Arts teacher, Lynn Dare, last Friday.

The visit was in correlation with Dare’s annual focus on everything Titanic.

The annual Titanic study began in January with classroom discussions and trips to the library for research. Each student must write a paper and give a presentation on an aspect of the Titanic of their choice.

“It’s wonderful – learning is a living thing. When students learn to love learning it enhances every part of their lives and that’s what we’re here for,” said Dare on the students’ weeks of work. “Our entire purpose is to ignite their hearts and their minds so they will enjoy learning for the rest of their lives.”

First Class Maid Jodi presented Dare with an informative book from the Titanic Museum Attraction that she can utilize with her instruction. She then stayed to answer questions from the class and to watch the students’ presentations.

The Museum is currently gearing for a book fair, where 10 celebrated authors of Titanic historical books and novels will make their public appearances together in April. Titanic fans and followers will have the opportunity to meet and interact with authors of many of these remarkable books during this unprecedented, six day book signing event April 1-7.