Photo by Dan Andrews.
Pictured at last Friday’s Blowout Birthday Bash at Powell Florist are: Terri Eckjel, Cathy Abell, Deborah Webb, Dianne Verley, Walta Patt and Jenn Lancaster.

By Tasha Mahurin

“I’ve been here twenty years, and it’s all been pretty good,” florist Deborah Webb told The Focus regarding her tenure at Powell Florist and Interiors.

The local flower and gift shop is celebrating its 50th year in business thanks to the expertise of employees like Webb who keep repeat customers coming through the door.

“I want our service to be really good,” explained Walta Patt, owner of Powell Florist Gifts and Interiors. “I want our customers to feel like we go above and beyond for them.”

Patt’s association with Powell Florist began when she was just 16 years old. She eventually purchased the shop in 1990 and has been a florist for 34 years. Upon purchasing Powell Florist, one of the first changes she made was to expand their services to include, not just flowers, but gifts. Clients may also elect to send a gift basket, rather than a flower basket. Gift basket options include: fruit baskets, gourmet snack baskets, and bath baskets, featuring Camille Beckman products. Soon, Powell Florist will offer “baby baskets.”

Webb joined the team in 1993, and says she loves her work and her customers.

“Being able to make people happy is the best part of my job,” she said.  “Be it a funeral or a wedding, or some other occasion, emotions run high in this business.”

Webb noted that she particularly enjoys weddings. One of the most unique weddings in her twenty years was a softball themed wedding.  Webb included bats, softballs, and pendants into the floral arrangements.

“Our business is a very personal business,” Patt explained.  “Whether celebrating a birth, wedding, or anniversary, or memorializing a life- it’s an occasion that is special to someone.” The flowers used in all of Powell Florist’s arrangements are fresh, high quality, long-lasting flowers and all arrangements are guaranteed to meet their customer’s specifications. Patt credits their longevity and success to their commitment to quality and the care they take with each client’s request.

As a florist Webb wants people to know that no matter the occasion, sympathy, or apology, nothing sends quite the same message that sending flowers does.

“Flowers are powerful, and they make a powerful statement,” she added.

For more information about Powell Florist Gifts and Interiors, visit them online at www.powell or on Facebook at