Grace Gault is ready and waiting to make you a garden fresh sandwich or smoothie.

By Sarah Baker

Have you been to West Town Mall lately and wondered what happened to your favorite smoothie place?  The beloved Frulatti Café and Bakery has moved to Farragut.  The new location is at West End Shopping Center at 129 West End Avenue just off of Lovell Road behind McDonalds.

Owner Grace Gault is a true American spirit.  She moved to Knoxville from South Korea in 1978 when she married Air Force veteran and Knoxvillian Michael Gault. He passed away in 1993 making her the single mother of two.  Grace never remarried and turned her attention to her children and to building a business.

She ran Frulatti Café successfully at West Town Mall for over 10 years.  When the cost of doing business at West Town Mall increased way beyond what she could afford, she picked herself up and moved to her new location.  She has many faithful customers, but she is struggling to get new ones because so many don’t know about her new location.

The Farragut Republican Club has moved their monthly meetings to the restaurant to help bring business.  Gault says that Congressman John Duncan is expected at their next meeting.  “I feel truly honored,” said Gault.  “They are so kind.”

Admiration for Gault aside, Frulatti Café has a fresh, healthy alternative to fast food. Gault cuts up fresh fruit for smoothies and for fruit salads every day. They are most famous for their endless variety of smoothies.      Other drinks available include fresh lemonade, fruit tea, and coffee.  Another favorite is the assortment of paninis available.  We’re talking Tuscany Turkey, Cheddar Chicken, Rustic Veggie and more.  Then there are the salads and the soups and the gourmet sandwiches.  We’re talking a great lady with a great business, so get down there.  What are you waiting for?  Order a panini and a smoothie and take your friends with you!  Visit for more information.