By Focus Staff
Knox Countians have definitive opinions as to who won the most recent presidential debate. More than 500 likely voters in Knox County were asked the question, “The most recent presidential debate was held at Hofstra University and was in the form of a town hall. In your opinion, who do you think won the debate?”
Every age group surveyed think former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney won the debate. Fewer women believed Romney won the debate than men, with roughly 60% of women voters thinking Romney had the upper hand. Almost 68% of men believe Romney won the debate.
When breaking the survey down to Commission districts, voters inside the City of Knoxville had a different view of the debate than those voters outside the city limits.
Almost 70% of voters inside the First District believe President Barack Obama won the debate. The First District is located entirely within the corporate limits of the City of Knoxville.
Just over 54% of those surveyed in the Second District felt President Obama won the debate; the numbers for Obama fell sharply as the survey moved west. Approximately 37% of likely voters inside the Third District thought President Obama won the debate, with just over 63% believed Governor Romney won the debate.
Perhaps the most surprising result were the numbers in the Fifth District, which is comprised largely of the Town of Farragut and far West Knox County. Less than 20% of the likely voters inside the Fifth District believed President Obama won the debate, with a staggering 80.82% believing Governor Romney won the debate.
Another surprising figure was the number of voters inside the Eighth District who believed President Obama won the debate. More than 40% of those surveyed inside the Eighth District say they think President Obama won the debate. The Eighth District is a sprawling area completely outside the City of Knoxville and concentrated in East and Northeast Knox County. Known as a conservative area, those are high numbers for Obama.

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