By Focus Staff

State Senator Stacey Campfield has proposed legislation that would penalize families receiving state assistance whose children don’t do well in school.  This week’s Knoxville Focus poll queried likely voters on the Campfield Bill.

Voters were asked, “Do you believe families and children should receive reduced state assistance for food and other needs should their children fail to maintain adequate grades in school?”

Almost 54% of Knox Countians said they do not believe children and families should be penalized.

The biggest majority against the idea came from the First District.  In sharp contrast, residents of the Fifth District, which is centered around the Town of Farragut, showed just over 51% favoring penalizing families should children not maintain adequate grades.

The First Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Districts all had majorities opposed to the idea.  The Fifth and Sixth Districts approved the idea of penalizing families should children have failing grades.

View full survey results here.