By Focus staff

This week’s Knoxville Focus poll asked the question, “Do you believe public school teachers should receive an automatic pay raise every year regardless of job performance?”

Over 75% of Knox Countians said, “No.”

Not a single district in Knoxville or Knox County posted a majority in favor of extending pay raises each year regardless of performance.  The First District, which is entirely inside the City of Knoxville, had the largest number in favor of pay raises regardless of performance.  Almost 45% said they would support yearly pay raises for teachers irrespective of performance.

The district least in favor of annual pay raises regardless of performance was the Fifth District, which is centered around the Town of Farragut.  Almost 86% said they do not believe teachers should receive an annual pay raise regardless of performance.

There was little difference in the demographics between age and gender.  Clearly Knoxvillians and Knox Countians believe in performance.

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