By Focus Staff

This week’s Knoxville Focus poll asked likely voters, “In your opinion, should individual personal information regarding handgun carry permits be public or private information?”

Almost 59% of Knox Countians believe the information should be kept private.  Just over 41% believe the information should be public record.

The only district in Knox County that favored making the information public was the First.  Almost 54% of respondents in the First District favored making handgun permit information public.

The Second District, which is much of Fountain City and North Knoxville, was even split, 50% – 50%.

Support for making the information public sharply dropped inside the Third District with over 62% supporting handgun carry permit and personal information to be kept private.

The Fourth District, centered around Sequoyah Hills, also favored keeping personal information private, with just over 54% of likely voters favoring retaining private information.

The Seventh District, which contains Halls and much of North Knox County, was the area most strongly in support of keeping personal information private with over 70% of likely voters saying they think handgun permit information should remain private.

The Eighth District also strongly favored keeping the information private with more than 67% believing handgun permit and personal information should not be public record.

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