By Focus Staff
In this week’s Knoxville Focus poll, likely voters were asked the question, “Most elected offices in Knox County are limited to two consecutive terms.  Do you support term limits for Knox County School Board members?”

The answer was a resounding “yes”!  Almost 85% of respondents believe the members of the  Knox County Board of Education should be term limited.

The Ninth District, which is South Knoxville, posted the highest majority in favor of term limits for school board members with over 90% of South Knoxvillians favoring limiting board members to two consecutive terms.

The First District, which is composed of most of Knoxville’s African-American community, was the area most opposed to term limits for the school board, although almost 69% of respondents still favor term limits.

Women, by a slight margin, were more strongly in favor of term limits for board members than men.
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