Special Easter egg hunt in Norwood goes viral

By Mike Steely

Senior Writer


Something special happened last week in the Norwood neighborhood. Resident Ashley Lyons was lamenting the lack of a group Easter Egg Hunt. She took to the Nextdoor website with a suggestion.

“I’ve been working in yard all day. Just came in catching up on news. Why would any church hold services, outdoor activities, or gatherings? Why would you risk your congregation safety? I just don’t understand!! You can have church at home!” she posted..

“Hi, Norwood, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in Posting an Egg in their window for kids to hunt while walking or riding our neighborhood?” she asked.

“Next weekend is Easter Weekend and with everyone having to stay at home while staying safe I thought this would give parents and kids something to do. We have so many wonderful neighbors out walking their pets and with kids it would be fun,” Lyons continued in the post she titled “Egg Hunt – Norwood with Social Distancing.”

The idea caught on quickly and Lyons heard from Lou-Ann Rodgers, Bryan Thomas and Ronda Crawford of Cumberland Estates and Margie McKee of West Haven Village.  Nancy Coven of Murray Drive replied with a “Will do!” Rebekah Petroskey said she would  add an egg that day. GeriAnn Horn of Stoneleigh Road noted “Got mine up.”

“Ours are up on Springbrook!” Bryan Thomas of Cumberland Estates replied.

Alana Phillips agreed and a Juniper road resident inserted a photo of the eggs she taped on her front window.

“This is a cute idea. I live on Wil Loyd too so I’m in. Even for us adults it’s fun,” noted Missy Humphrey.

“Yeah I think this would be fun! I know that Norris is doing it and they’ve got some really pretty graphic artwork and stuff they’re shooting out to people to invite them to participate! I think it’s a great idea,” noted Lana Hughes of Skyland Park.

Veronica Carmazzi of Oakwood-Lincoln Park added, “We can definitely do that.”

“Will put ours out tonight on Tillery,” Donna Jenkins of Norwood posted Tuesday.  Nancy Coven of Murray Drive and Rebekah Petroskey posted they were taking part.

“Great idea. I’ll have the kids make something cool and put it up on the window,” commented West Haven Village resident Krystin Maitlen.

“We had several people come by today looking for ’eggs. We also will be putting plastic eggs in our yard for kids to pick a few while walking by on Easter! This has been so much fun!” said Ashley Lyons Wednesday.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To everyone who has joined the fun!!! This is just awesome!” she told The Focus.