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Rountree Kicks Off Campaign For School Board

By Focus Staff

Amber Rountree kicked off her campaign for the Knox County Board of Education last Tuesday night at the Round Up Restaurant in South Knoxville.

The Round Up is known for really good home-style food and is a very popular local landmark in the South Knoxville community. The Round Up was packed with a crowd that included community leaders and educators.

Rountree is a Librarian at Halls Elementary School and has earned a reputation as being hard working and highly intelligent.

A first time candidate for public office, Rountree was spurred to run for office after seeing just how many incumbents on the Board of Education seemed to be “rubber stamps” for Superintendent Jim McIntyre.

“South Knoxville needs a Board member who is absolutely dedicated to serving the citizens of South Knoxville, our school children and our schools,” Rountree said.  “Our community needs and deserves good schools just as much or more than any other community.

“A Board member who merely is a rubber stamp is serving no one but Dr. McIntyre.”

Rountree will be facing incumbent Pam Trainor who has been a solid backer of Superintendent McIntyre.

Every incumbent Board member seeking reelection has drawn opposition and the race in South Knoxville is expected to be one of the most hotly contested.

Rountree is already moving all across South Knoxville and has been knocking on doors.

“I’m very thankful for just how good the response is and I intend to run a positive campaign and hope the voters are looking for a change.

“There’s nothing more important than educating our children.”