Law Director Bud Armstrong kicks off re-election campaign

By Mike Steely


The crowd to kick off Richard (Bud) Armstrong’s campaign for re-election as Knox County Law Director was a collection of various elected and former county officials, candidates for office, supporters, and well-wishers. They filled the banquet hall at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Knoxville Thursday evening.

Armstrong, in his opening remarks, recognized many of those present and specifically noted his staff and Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, who introduced the law director.  The law director thanked his wife Patti Jo for her support.

“Three years ago you let me be your law director,” Armstrong said. He looked across the audience and said “There’s 20,000 votes in this room,” adding that those gathered for him could bring that numbers to the polls.

“Let me tell you what the law director has done for you,” he began, spelling out the many savings accomplished by his office and staff. He said that he’s going after false claims made against the county, adding, “Where we come from we call that stealing.”

He said his office has collected $200,000 in false claims money and expects another $200,000 to be collected.

“I’ll get it for you,” he said.

“We’re trying to help make money so the mayor and commission don’t have to raise taxes,” Armstrong said.

Of his staff, which he praised several times, he said that when he leaves the office at 7 p.m. the staff is still there working.

“I tell them to turn out the lights when they leave,” he said.

Armstrong recalled being born and raised in East Knox County and said, that with those peoples’ support, “I stand before you an educated man.”

“What I’m asking is that I want to continue to serve you,” he concluded.