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Dr. Jody Goins welcomed to CHS

By Tasha Mahurin

Students and teachers at Central High School welcomed their new principal, Dr. Jody Goins, with all the fanfare of a pep rally last week.

“I’m humbled by the community support,” Goins told those in attendance.

The new principal joins the Knox County School System from Oak Ridge City Schools. He has served as principal at Oak Ridge High School since 2009.

“A lot of energy, a lot of momentum, a lot of excitement right now, and really looking forward to just connecting face-to-face with everybody, and building relationships so we can ultimately do what’s important in the teaching and learning process, and that’s serving the students of Central High School,” said Goins of what he hopes to bring to the new position.

Goins holds a Bachelor of Art degree in the History of Education, a Master of Education degree, and an Education Specialist degree in Administration and Supervision all conferred by Lincoln Memorial University. He was a social studies teacher, coach, and assistant principal prior to his appointment as a principal at Oak Ridge High School.

He will replace Danny Trent, who was recently appointed principal at Farragut Middle School.

24 join Goins in principal positions

Christine Boring

New Position: Sterchi Elementary

Previous position: Assistant principal, Karns Elementary

Cindy Bosse

New Position: A.L. Lotts Elementary

Previous Position: Principal, Sterchi Elementary School

Paula Brown

New Position: Mount Olive Elementary

Previous Position: Assistant principal, Bearden High School

Tom Brown

New Position: Gibbs High School

Previous Position: Principal, Holston Middle School

Joe Cameron

New Position: Gibbs Elementary

Previous Position: Assistant principal, South-Doyle Middle

Kathy Castenir

New Position: Copper Ridge Elementary

Previous Position: Assistant principal, Blue Grass Elementary

Brad Corum

New Position: Karns Middle School

Previous Position: Assistant principal at West Valley Middle School

Susan Davis

New Position: Northshore Elementary

Previous Position: Principal at Cedar Bluff Elementary

Christy Dowell

New Position: Cedar Bluff Elementary School

Previous Position: Principal, Ritta Elementary School

Kathy O. Duggan

New Position: West Haven Elementary

Previous job: Principal at Adrian Burnett Elementary

Robyn Ellis

New Position: Norwood Elementary

Previous Position: Principal of Chilhowee Intermediate School

Angela Harrod

New Position: Adrian Burnett

Previous Position: Principal of Mount Olive Elementary

Sherry Hensley

New Position: Chilhowee Intermediate

Previous Position: Principal, Green Magnet Math & Science Academy

Ashley Jessie

New Position: Holston Middle School

Previous Position: Assistant principal at Holston Middle School

Lynn Hill

New Position: Dr. Paul L. Kelley Volunteer Academy

Previous Position: Principal, Gibbs High School

Tina Holt

New Position: Fountain City Elementary School

Previous Position: Assistant principal at Ritta Elementary

Beth Lackey

New Position: Green Magnet Academy

Previous Position: Principal, Norwood Elementary

Nathan Langlois

New Position: Powell High School

Previous Position: Leadership fellow/assistant principal at Hardin Valley Academy

Ina Langston

New Position: West Hills Elementary

Previous Position: Principal, West Haven Elementary

Tiffany McLean Dukes

New Position: Ritta Elementary

Previous Position: Assistant principal, Ritta Elemetary

Ryan J. Siebe

New Position: Carter High School

Previous Position: Curriculum principal, Austin-East Magnet High School

Kim Towe

New Position: Karns High School

Previous Position: Principal, Dr. Paul Kelley Volunteer Academy

Danny N. Trent

New Position: Farragut Middle

Previous Position: Principal, Central High

2000-02, principal,

Cindy White

New Position: Vine Middle Magnet School

Previous Position: Principal, Karns Middle School