Photo by Dan Andrews. School Board member Mike McMillan stops to chat with worker Charles Elkins tour a tour of Ritta Elementary’s improvements.

By Focus Staff

Ritta Elementary School has long been plagued by traffic problems for those parents picking up and dropping off children.

For years Washington Pike has been clogged with traffic at the peak times for when school opens in the morning and closes during the late afternoon.

Mike McMillan, the Eighth District’s representative on the Knox County Board of Education, has long supported the necessary improvements to help address the traffic problems as well as promote safety. The Ritta Elementary School administration, faculty and staff issued a press release saying they are “extremely excited” that the daily traffic congestion should be eased considerably. McMillan seemed equally excited.

“I’m really tickled these improvements are done and just in time for the school year.” “There’ll probably be a few glitches to work out in the first days of school,” McMillan admitted, “but overall, I think it will be a godsend to the community.”