By Steve Hunley

If anyone doubted that the school system and the appointed superintendent plays politics, two recent press releases should be enough to remove the rose colored glasses of his few supporters.

The school system recently sent out press releases for improvements at Mooreland Heights Elementary School, as well as a ceremony for the repairs to the stadium at the former South-Doyle Middle School.  The superintendent apparently has several projects to approve, but the expansion of four classrooms at Mooreland Heights was evidently deserving of being placed at the top of the list and just coincidentally Board of Education member Pam Trainor is facing a stiff challenge from newcomer Amber Rountree.  Trainor’s term of office has been notable for little else than her inability or lack of interest in getting anything for her home community.  The improvements at Mooreland Heights and the fixing up of the stadium pale in comparison to the money going into other communities and Trainor herself gave the credit for the improvements to the stadium to someone else.

Genuine coincidence is rare in life and the timing of the announcements – – – just weeks away from the primary election aren’t likely coincidental.  Pam Trainor has always voted as the superintendent wished and these announcements are calculated to help her reelection bid.

For those who think appointed superintendents are immune to practical politics, this should open your eyes.

Trainor is facing a formidable opponent who is  articulate, well informed on the issues facing our school system, and free from being influenced by Jim McIntyre.  A few paltry improvements may not be enough to save Trainor.