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By Steve Hunley

Mayors Madeline Rogero and Tim Burchett deserve commendation for putting together the deal to have Regal Entertainment Group move its headquarters to downtown Knoxville.  Governor Haslam deserves credit for having the state do its part as well.  Congratulations should also be extended to Vice Mayor Nick Pavlis, as the new headquarters will be located in his South Knoxville district.  Pavlis has always labored to do good things for his district and the people of South Knoxville deserve some good news.  All too often the only things sent to South and East Knox County are “projects” nobody else wants or would have in the first place.

Knoxville can take pride in keeping the headquarters of the largest theater chain locally.  Locating the Regal Entertainment Group headquarters at the old Baptist Hospital site will help to anchor the riverfront development in South Knoxville.  Lastly and perhaps most importantly, it will keep about 300 jobs here and evidently will create 75 new jobs.  Lest we forget, jobs are very important.  It provides a living for families, as well as tax revenue for the government.  It also bolsters our local economy because, believe it or not, without jobs we have nothing.

Naturally, there will always be naysayers who will complain about giving away taxpayers’ money.  Almost always these same folks are delighted to give away the taxpayers’ money to government handouts they support.

Some also forget the City of Knoxville is part of Knox County.  City residents have every right to expect something from their county government.  County residents should realize city residents pay a hefty tax bill to support our schools and are as much residents of Knox County as they are.

The Regal Entertainment Group deal is good for Knoxville, Knox County and the South Knoxville community.  Mayor Rogero, the City Council, Mayor Burchett and the County Commission have amply demonstrated just what can happen when folks work together.

Now if Congress could only do the same thing . . .