By Tasha Mahurin
Seymour First Baptist Church, located at 11621 Chapman Highway, will host the internationally known TEAM IMPACT on October 24-28. Team Impact features some of the strongest men on the planet and will demonstrate astounding feats of strength, such as shattering five feet of concrete with one blow from their massive arms and snapping baseball bats in half with their bare hands.
The group includes world-class athletes, champion power-lifters, previous WWE wrestlers, and former NFL football players. They travel the globe motivating and inspiring people of all ages and have performed their amazing presentation in front of millions. While Team Impact members will capture the attention of young and old with their amazing strength, they will also share an inspiring message of hope.
According to their website the purpose of TEAM IMPACT is to: “partner with local churches to reach individual communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ, to serve the local pastor and build the local church.”
The “outside” of the box Christian ministry uses incredible feats of strength to share the Gospel message at churches across the globe. With the likes of such talent as Randall Harris, Josh Thigpen, Greg Lewis, and Ron Waterman, the presentation promises not to disappoint. Yet, at the same time the ministry’s goal is to share a more significant message.
According to TEAM IMPACT, “Our unique style of ministry uses the talents of elite athletes performing a mesmerizing production that demands attention of old and young alike. The appeal is nearly irresistible, especially for those who would normally never attend church. While the method may be different, the message remains the same – Salvation through grace through faith in Jesus Christ.”
With the problems American youth face today, Team Impact takes seriously the task of reaching them through their highly acclaimed school assemblies. Visiting nearly 1,000 schools each year, the group has the unique opportunity of speaking to hundreds of thousands of students about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and the importance of academic excellence. Team Impact will also demonstrate their feats of strength and speak to student assemblies in five Seymour schools while in the area.
For more information on TEAM IMPACT visit them online at or check them out at Seymour First Baptist Church, October 24-28, 7:00 p.m. nightly.