Saturday, July 31, 2021, at West High School

UT Field

8:30 Catholic JV vs. Gibbs JV

9:00 Farragut vs. Gibbs

9:30 West vs. Catholic

10:00 Hardin Valley vs. Gibbs

10:30 West JV vs. Gibbs JV

11:00 Hardin Valley vs. Catholic

11:30 Farragut JV vs. Hardin Valley JV


1:00 Campbell County JV vs. Oneida JV

1:30 Alcoa vs. Morristown West

2:00 Alcoa vs. Campbell County

West High Field

9:00 West vs. Halls

9:30 Farragut vs. Halls

10:00 West JV vs. Halls JV

10:30 Catholic JV vs. Halls JV

11:00 South-Doyle vs. Webb

11:30 South-Doyle vs. Oneida


1:00 Morristown West vs. Webb

1:30 Morristown East vs. Campbell County

2:00 Morristown East vs. Oneida

First team listed in each game wears LIGHT COLOR and PROVIDES GAME BALL. The second team listed wears DARK COLOR.

ADMISSION: $5, children under 6 are free.

Call 865-257-1811 for additional information.