~from the Office of Neighborhoods

The Five Points Community will be hosting their community homecoming July 19 and 20.


There is plenty of community fun and entertainment to look forward to at the Homecoming:


On Friday, July 19, the entire day will be a ‘Blast from the Past’ at Walter Hardy Park, beginning at 10 a.m., with prayer and a welcome. There will be music, fellowship, games and festivities (including bingo), history of the community, spoken word, dance performances, a concert by Blu Chez and Friends, and a celebration of the Nut Pioneers, who paved the way for the Hip Hop game in East Knoxville.


Saturday, July 20, the lineup will start for the Homecoming Parade at the club level Burkhart Service Station at 9:30 a.m. The parade will begin at 11 am.


The homecoming is a way to learn about the history in the community and create unity. The first homecoming was established in 2015 by Beatta Prater, a long term resident and secretary of the Eastport 5 Point community homes.


Connie Burrell, the coordinator of this year’s homecoming, would like to thank all partners and sponsors; including: David Gillette, Councilwoman Gwen McKenzie, and all of the City Council members. In addition, thanks go to the staff of Beck Cultural Center, Diamond Mobile Carwash, and the Stop and Go Market.


The hosts of this year’s homecoming are looking forward to seeing you! All are welcome to attend.


For more, contact Connie Burrell at 308-9268.