House Finance Committee members voted to pass gas tax hike onto Tennesseans by voice vote.

NASHVILLE – Americans for Prosperity Tennessee (AFP-TN), the leading advocate for taxpayers, has been connecting grassroots groups across Tennessee to stop the gas tax hike. Thousands of concerned citizens have contacted legislators through phone calls and emails opposed to the tax increase.

After the bill passed the legislative committee hurdle AFP-TN State Director Andy Ogles released the following statement:

“The committee members voting in favor of the ‘Improve Act’ should be held accountable for passing the gas tax hike on Tennesseans while the state sits on a two-billion-dollar surplus. This is a prime example of Tennessee politicians using DC tactics – they think by renaming it and throwing a few bones to taxpayers that they will not hold them accountable for their voting record.”

“We do commend Rep. David Hawk and many others who have worked diligently to address future transportation funding needs without raising taxes on hardworking Tennesseans,” Ogles added.