Tonight 09-03-13 at City Council. Photo by Dan Andrews, Knoxville Focus.


Public forum once again became a major game changer tonight at the city council meeting. At issue was whether to give city streets to the University of Tennessee. Once again, much like the bus shelter situation UT appeared very unprepared.

What occurred was one individual who actually works for UT laid out a solid five minute speech. He highlighted how UT has in the past cut maintenance and repair money from the budget. He then outlined in amazing detail how UT is having a hard time maintaining what they have now.  He noted that damage from the hail storm created major problems and took a long time to fix. It was epic. He was so flawless that in the end city council postponed the street transfer bill for 90 days.


Sidenote…name and photo of UT worker who opposed UT has been left out on purpose so hopefully the guy doesn’t get fired.