Mr. Arthur M. Bohanan will be presenting LEST WE FORGET 911 (20th Anniversary) program at Parrott-Wood Memorial Library (3133 W. Old A. J. Hwy. Strawberry Plains) on Friday, September 3 at 10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. Space will be limited.  Please register for this program.  You may do so at or call the library at 865-933-1311 for more information.




Arthur M. Bohanan is an internationally award-winning patented inventor, researcher, lecturer and writer, a Certified Latent Print Examiner (now retired as one of 860 in the world), and a police instructor with 58years in the study and practical application of forensics in thousands of violent crime scenes.   He earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from East Tennessee State University with further studies at the University of Tennessee.  The International Inventors Hall of Fame (Atlanta) awarded Art a Doctorate for pioneering research into children’s fingerprints. Art patented the use of super glue to develop fingerprints on human skin. The City of Knoxville honored him the Legacy Award (2018).  He wrote “Care of the Dead and Their Families,” a chapter in “Advanced Disaster Medical Response” published by Harvard Medical International (printed in 9 languages worldwide).


Art was one of the first six (Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team-FEMA) responders from Tennessee for the World Trade Center/911 disaster. The team was activated by President Bush in the later afternoon of September 11th 2001 with orders to drive north to as yet an undetermined assembly area the next morning. The team left Knoxville on 12 Sept 2001 at 0630 . His team set up a temporary morgue in ground Zero and worked there ten  twelve hour days on human remains collection for identification. Art came home sick and recovered to  return and was reassigned  for six more  weeks (twelve  hour days) in the  New York City Medical Examiner’s office to recover DNA from countless fragmented body parts. The task of examining  hundreds of human remains to find anything of value to identify the victims was just amazing. His last day in NYC was 5 December 2001for a total of 59 twelve hour days.  Art has assisted in eight airplane crashes  worldwide to recover and identify human remains including Columbia Space Ship disaster and Flight 581 on November 12th 2001 in New York City.


Art will be presenting the DMORT team’s response including photo and behind the scene  events never seen before. Four of his close team members are now dead as a result of work at WTC/911.  The first responders produced a moving video set to music that you will never forget.  Come walk through Ground Zero, feel what the responders saw and felt.


Bohanan is a real life character in the Jefferson Bass series of  Body Farm books and  Patricia Cornwell’s “The Body Farm”. He has recorded his own life in Prints of a Man  and now writing an historical fiction series of Henry Bohanan’s Journey, Watauga, Pigeon Rivers, Volunteer Patriots, Hornets and Crowes, Guerilla Fighters, Two Deadly Enemies, Patriotic Duties, Return to Watauga, Protecting our Assets and Left for Dead. There will be fifteen books in this series of his grandfather(6) who fought in the American Revolution.  He is currently works with to locate lost graves and determine the gender and age with over 3,000 lost graves found so far. The oldest is an Indian Mound near Sevierville that dates over 1,000 years old containing twelve human imprints.