The Arts & Culture Alliance will sponsor a public forum for the Knoxville City Council candidates on Monday, October 23, at 6:00 p.m. at the Emporium Center, 100 S. Gay Street, in downtown Knoxville. The Alliance will offer wine and light refreshments for attendees.


All eleven candidates will attend:


Stephanie Welch: District 1

Rebecca Parr: District 1

Wayne Christensen: District 2

Andrew Roberto: District 2

James Corcoran: District 3

Seema Singha Perez: District 3

Lauren Rider: District 4

Harry Tindell: District 4

Amelia Parker: District 4 (write-in)

Gwen McKenzie: District 6

Jennifer Montgomery: District 6


The forum will be moderated by Liza Zenni, Executive Director of the Arts & Culture Alliance. Zenni said, “City funding of arts and culture is an extremely important part of the industry’s web of support. It is essential that candidates for office, five of whom will be voting to approve, funding, zoning requests, and permits in the years to come, understand that arts and culture is an important industry that turns out votes and is exceptionally engaged civically. We are very gratified that they have all chosen to spend an evening with us so that we can get to know one another better.”


Please RSVP to (865) 523-7543 or