~ from the Authors Guild of Tennessee

Author Jerome “Jerry” Morton grew up in a Coast Guard family under circumstances that provided him with some unusual experiences and insights.

Thanks to those experiences, Morton has developed a collection of short stories that relate unusual and noteworthy experiences he had in his early life and into adulthood. Most reflect surprising displays of human kindness.

He has now added a series of podcasts to his repertoire which have gone from 54 unique downloads to 339 downloads per month. The podcasts include childhood stories, as well as coming of age stories to adulthood. The stories and podcasts, ranging from humorous tales to serious topics, are a series of true stories from his life which will delight the listener and are worthy of the time spent.  These events and interactions offer glimpses into one man’s quest to understand life’s truths. They provide a peek into the development of American culture from the mid 1940’s to the present.

Having attended eight different public schools, lived in nine states, been in the army, held multiple work positions and obtained a doctorate in school psychology, Morton says he has found his way of living in the world.

Morton’s podcasts are titled Finding My Way: A Memoir by Jerry Morton and are available on Apple, iTunes and libsyn.