AVID students at Northwest Middle School recently kicked off their annual Pennies for Patients fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This year, their goal is to raise $4,250 which would bring their overall contribution over the last six years to be $20,000. Students have made special materials in support of Pennies for Patients and are circulating penny collection boxes (photos attached). The school welcomes you to join them in their effort to encourage others to donate towards their Pennies for Patients by Friday, February 8.

Pennies for Patients is a special fundraiser that exemplifies the importance of saving up spare change. It is typically a three-week campaign where students see that working together, they can aid thousands of children and adults who face blood cancers like leukemia in Tennessee. Northwest Middle School’s Pennies for Patients efforts have consistently ranked in the top 20 statewide.