By Mike Steely

In December Councilman Nick Della Volpe suggested amending a resolution that now permits beer to be sold next to church locations. He suggested that the former 300 feet between the two be restored and exempt a required distance for only those storefront churches located in commercial malls, strip malls or other commercials buildings in commercial zones.

Della Volpe’s attempt to repeal the ordinance, or alter it, is back on the Knoxville City Council agenda for Tuesday’s regular meeting at 6 p.m. Councilmen Daniel Brown and Nick Pavlis joined Della Volpe in voting against dropping the distance between retail beer sales and houses of worship but they lost.

Mayor Madeline Rogero is asking the council to confirm her reappointment of Dr. Lisa Chassy to the Knoxville Animal Control Board. The Law Department is asking that Katy Brown, Jackie Lane and Peg Beute be named to the Board of Directors of Community Television.

Rogero is also asking the council to approve appointments she will make to a new Community Stakeholders Committee. The group would be made up of neighborhoods, developers, business owners, etc., and would advise Camiros Ltd, the city’s consultant. Camiros was hired to consult on a grand revision of the city’s zoning ordinances over about 20 months and present its report to the council.

Attorney Arthur Seymour, Jr., is appealing a Board of Zoning Appeals denial of a ground sign at 2932 Alcoa Highway and Mark Miller is appealing a BZA decision denying increasing the size of two wall signs at 1311 Dowell Springs Boulevard.

Engineering is asking for approval of several sidewalk and road projects including just under $600,000 for Pleasant Ridge sidewalks with Adams Contracting, almost $7 million for Rogers Group for the 2107 Resurfacing Project, and just over $1 million for Design and Construction Services for the 2017 Sidewalk Project.

Two properties may be approved for sale in the Homemaker Program, one at 5126 Villa Road and the other at 2538 Davenport Road.

The Finance Department is asking council to approve an agreement with Walter P. Moore for $35,000 to provide structural engineering services for the garages at the Civic Auditorium and Coliseum.

The Office of Redevelopment is asking a tax increment financing amendment on the Gay Street Redevelopment area to support redevelopment at 0, 316 and 350 South Gay Street.

The mayor may be granted permission to enter into a license agreement with the state so the city can construct and maintain a park project and play equipment within the South-Doyle Trail  area.

The city’s Pension Board is asking the council to grant monthly pension to 16 fire, police and city employees.

A Kingston Pike property on the west side of Lindsay Place is before the council asking that the residential  (R-1) property be rezoned to Office (O-1). Jeffery J. Allen is the applicant and the planning commission split on the approval 8-5.