By Elaine Davis
One way that the cast of “Waitress” adds flavor to each performance is that they make a pie named for the city or place they’re performing. On Friday, Bailey McCall, a Central High alum, rolled out the recipe for her latest successful role as Jenna in the Broadway musical “Waitress” stopping on its tour in Knoxville this weekend. Before her Friday night performance at the Tennessee Theatre, McCall held a Q&A at Central High School.
McCall was generous with her time and the students had interesting questions from what was her favorite part of living in New York City, to how to control your adrenaline before a show, and then how to keep it fresh for the audience once you have performed the show so many times such as the tour she’s currently on lasting through June of this year.
Sitting on the Central High stage brought memories back of past performances. She recalled when playing Peter Pan the set wasn’t completely lined up properly and she flew into the window only half-way making it though. She gave those students who are performing in “Beauty and the Beast” from March 5–8, advice to push through any hiccups and soak up these moments creating something special together.
As for the character Jenna, McCall states that baked into Jenna is kindness and love. Despite her hardships, Jenna leads with her heart. McCall has leaned from this role and extracted the essence of Jenna’s character. So many can relate to that feeling of being stuck in your life. The question then becomes, “Do I want to sit here in what is comfortable or take a risk and seek something greater?”
Sprinkled among the answers for technique were words of wisdom to flavor anyone’s life. With preparation, patience, and persistence, you can reach your goals.