If you are a non-profit that works in or with neighborhood organizations and are not already signed up for a booth at The Neighborhood Conference on Saturday, May 18, please contact Sarah Henson at shenson@knoxvilletn.gov or 215-3232.


There are several slots open, but they are filling fast.


Please provide Sarah with the following information:


** Organization name

** Contact Person

** Contact Person’s email address

** Contact Person’s phone number

** Need for Wi-Fi (yes/no)

** Need for electricity (yes/no)

** Number of booths needed***

** The name of your booth(s) listed in our marketing materials


Giving a brief explanation of your work in neighborhoods or with neighborhood organizations will be helpful.


The deadline to apply is Monday, Apr. 22.  We will let you know as soon as possible if you have been selected to have a booth.


Booths are available to for-profit organizations and businesses as part of our Neighborhoods Conference sponsorship package. If you would like to secure a booth as a sponsor, please contact Courtney Durrett at cdurrett@knoxvilletn.gov  or 215-3077.