—from the City of Knoxville’s Office of Neighborhoods


The City of Knoxville’s Public Service Department will pick up brush in residential neighborhoods through Friday, Nov. 3, and then switch its trucks to leaf pickup for the months of November, December and January.


Since brush is collected in Knoxville every other week, residents have two more chances for brush pickup this fall.


Knoxville residents can find out when their brush will be picked up by visiting the City’s website at www.knoxvilletn.gov . Click on ‘I want to’, select ‘Find’ and then choose ‘Brush/Leaf Pickup.’  Or you can call 311 and give the operator your address.


Starting in late October, leaves should be raked to the edge of your yard in one continuous row within five feet of the street. Do not block storm drains and drainage ditches.  Also, please do not rake leaves into the street: They are a safety hazard, and they get crushed and scattered by passing cars.


Please Note! The City will not pick up mixed piles of leaves, brush, and other refuse, because the leaf collection equipment is designed to vacuum leaves only and can be damaged by brush. Leaves raked to the alley will be picked up last.