The Community Action Committee (CAC) is seeking applicants for its thirty–third Community Leadership class.  Community Leadership provides training sessions for current and emerging leaders representing low and moderate – income neighborhoods and groups.  The program will begin in September 2019 and continue through June of 2020.

The objectives of the program are to:

Strengthen the capacity for leadership at the grassroots level.
Create a learning atmosphere that crosses economic, social, racial and demographic lines.
Acquaint participants to become more involved in community affairs.

CAC is looking for about thirty (30) participants for the program.  These will be chosen from people who live, work or volunteer in the low to moderate income communities.  Key factors in the selection process will be the interest and demonstrated community commitment of each potential participant.  The chosen will be asked to commit one day each month to the training program during its duration.  The City of Knoxville, Knox County, the News Sentinel, Home Federal Bank, Sun Trust, and Food City help to support the program to eliminate tuition costs.

The Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee (CAC) sponsors Community Leadership.  Applications are available at the CAC East, West, South and North Neighborhood Centers and the CAC Central Office at 2247 Western Avenue.  Applications can also be received by emailing  Any individual may apply or make a nomination.  The application deadline is Friday, August 10, 2019, but we encourage you to go ahead and apply.  For additional information contact Community Leadership at 856-546-3500 or check out our website at