By Mike Steely


In an effort to remove blight, redevelop neighborhoods and provide affordable housing the City of Knoxville offers vacant lots and lots with substandard housing for sale. Individuals, non-profit organizations and businesses can bid on the properties and the Homemaker Program Committee reviews and accepts or rejects the bids.


The accepted bids then go to City Council for approval and last Tuesday the city’s governing body voted to accept bids on three such properties as recommended by the Department of Community Development.


One of the homes, at 124 E. Oak Hill Avenue, was listed as available back in June of last year. The home is a three bedroom, one back structure of 1,350 square feet and a lot of 50 by 150 square feet. Initially listed at a target price of $12,212 the home sold during the council meeting for $8,000 to former State Senator Stacey Campfield.


Campfield has about 16 other houses in Knoxville that he rents to tenants.


Purchasers of properties in the Homemaker Program enter into a conditional sales agreement and musts submit plans within 90 days of the agreement for rehabilitation of the home. The must also provide a written commitment for financing. One year is given after the property transfer on the rehabilitation of the home and repairs must begin within 180 days of the deed transfer.


Also accepted by the city council was a bid of $ 18,000 by Debbie Tran for a property at 826 Spring Drive and a property at 2364 Linden Avenue on a bid from Chance Home of East Tennessee for $5,000.


Information on lots and homes available from the city can be obtained at 215-2120. You can also go on the “” for more information and a list of homes available for sale.