Dr. Joshua Zink, an assistant professor of music at Carson-Newman University, is among seven teachers receiving the 2022 Emerging Leaders Award. The honor is given by The National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) and recognizes early-career teachers of singing.


Zink, who was selected from the Mid-South Region, says he is humbled by the recognition. “Receiving this award and recognition is an honor. I know there were many very qualified voice professionals from the eligible regions.”


Recipients receive a grant to assist with their attendance to the NATS national conference, July 1-6 in Chicago. The biennial grant program recognizes teachers of singing with no more than 10 years of teaching experience and who are active at the chapter and regional level of NATS.


Zink, who joined C-N’s faculty in 2017, says a commitment to continual hard work and practice is something he strives to uphold for himself and instill in his students.


“The greatest reward as a professor is seeing a student take an idea and run with it,” he explains. “It is very enjoyable to see a student be a sponge, soaking up each learning opportunity and continually develop their skills as a musician and as a person. When students come to the lesson, classroom, or rehearsal hall very fired up, it becomes a beautiful symbiotic relationship. In the end, both the student and the professor learn and grow together.”