Karen Carson discusses how she places citizens first with public forum

During the School Board Workshop on Monday, School Board Chair Karen Carson announced that under her leadership a new program will be put in place in regards to the public forum. Effective immediately, people who sign up for public forum will speak at the beginning of the meeting and not at the end. If more than three people sign up to speak then there will be a fifteen minute maximum.

Chairwoman Karen Carson explained that she has observed the County Commission and the way they handle public forum and in her opinion it works very well.  It is always good to see when a politician places the citizens first. Time and time again I have seen good hard working taxpayers come to a meeting sign up to speak and an hour or two later leave still waiting to be heard. Now, they can speak their mind.

On a personal disclosure note as a person who lives in Chairwoman Karson’s district I have been advocating for a change in the public forum policy since she has become Chair.  As a journalist, I have in the past and will continue in the future to “go to the mat” for the protection and advancement of the First Amendment.

Dan Andrews reporting