Citizens of Knoxville and even some Knoxville City Council members have voiced concerns the Recode Knoxville process has not been transparent and is not inclusive and diverse. At this date a very small percentage of Knoxville citizens know what Recode Knoxville is or how it affects their property rights and usage. Estimates are as little as five percent of Knoxvillians know about Recode and even less understand it.
In order to provide the most transparent inclusive and diverse way for Recode to be decided we announce today the Recode ballot drive to place Recode on the November ballot for all voters to decide. There is no better way to make Recode more transparent, inclusive, and diverse. This will allow property owners in Knoxville to decide for themselves if Recode benefits them or threatens their property rights.
You can learn about this ballot drive at
Recode was an ambitious project that is too complex and has too many unknown and unintended consequences. The idea of re-writing sixty plus years of zoning code in two and a half years was not wise. The marathon City Council Recode workshops have left all participants concerned and worried about the scope and real life consequences residential and business property owners will face.
Of greatest concern is Mayor Madeline Rogero’s constant refrain, “Recode is a living document that will be updated every year.”  Our current zoning code has been updated every year and Knoxville is enjoying a record setting building boom with it. There is no need for Recode.
The actual Recode Ballot referendum cannot be made public until City Council passes Recode. On that day the website will have a Recode ballot referendum you can print out on your computer. Sign it in blue ink and mail it to the PO Box listed. There will also be a Knox County voter registration form you can print out on your computer, sign in blue ink, and mail to the Knox County Elections Commission. If you are not registered to vote, you must allow at least five days for the Election Commission to get your voter registration form for your Recode ballot referendum to be counted.
For currently registered voters, you must sign the Recode ballot referendum exactly as you signed your voter registration card. If you sign it any other way, your Recode ballot referendum will be rejected. If you have any questions you may email or call Daniel Herrera at (865)287-4097.