On July 16, the Knoxville City Council will be taking the first step in deciding the fate of zoning for property owners, investors, and all residents as Recode Knoxville is on the agenda for its first reading.

Citizens of Knoxville and even some Knoxville City Council members have voiced concerns that the Recode Knoxville process has not been transparent and is not inclusive and diverse. At this date a very small percentage of Knoxville citizens know what Recode Knoxville is or how it affects their property rights and usage. Estimates are as little as five percent of Knoxvillians know about Recode and even less understand it.

Citizens for Knoxville Government Transparency is calling on all citizens to attend a “Vote No Recode Rally” at the city council’s Tuesday meeting at 6 p.m. at the City-County Building.

“We encourage citizens to sign up as speakers for the meeting and demand that our elected officials vote no on Recode Knoxville,” said CKGT spokesman Daniel Herrara.

“In just over 48 hours, we have over 100 RSVP’s from residents who have committed to attend the city council meeting and our numbers are growing daily,” Herrara said. “We are the only organization with proven political experience to take on this ordinance and petition for a referendum if the city council chooses to ignore the will of the people.”

For more information, visit www.votenorecode.com and visit the group’s Facebook event page, https://www.facebook.com/events/441824929991624/.