City of Knoxville, 311 director Russ Jensen has just released a statement on Facebook that is worth noting.  “So proud of the staff at 311 today!!! Most came in to work in the wee hours this morning to make sure Knoxville’s phone number was answered. Average time to answer customer calls? 7 SECONDS! Best staff EVER!! Thank you guys! And thank you to the crews out on the road working so hard all through the night and all day to keep our streets as safe as possible. We are blessed to live in such a great city. BTW, Mayor Rogero beat many of us into work this morning, that’s leadership.”

Yesterday, I interviewed Mr. Jensen in his office.  He explained to me that the Office of 311 has a very detailed plan to deal with weather emergencies. Members of the 311 force lodge at the Hampton Inn.  They stay at the Hampton Inn because it is within walking distance to the City County Building. That is where the 311 command center is located. That and according to Mr. Jensen, the staff, service, and overall ambience of the hotel itself is simply an amazing and top notch hotel experience. Since staying at the hotel is for official government business, the City is charged an industry standard low government rate.