In an effort to create a more open and transparent government, Mayor Rogero has authorized the 2015-2016 proposed city budget be searchable for the first time. In years past, City of Knoxville budget information was available in “read format only.” That meant that if someone wanted to find a specific item in the budget, they might have to spend a considerable amount of time finding that item. A researcher would have to search each page manually within a budget including hundreds of pages.

On Tuesday, the Knoxville Focus met with Mayor Rogero’s Communication Director, Jesse Mayshark and made a request that going forward budget information to be easily searchable by both the media and the public. Mr. Mayshark agreed to look into the situation.

During a meeting yesterday, Mr. Mayshark noted to the Focus that the budget is now easily searchable. He also noted that this was a high priority of the Mayor’s Office.  He quickly discovered that the Finance Department was sending the webmaster a “read only PDF.” He was then able to get the Finance Department to change the file to a searchable file.

Pretty impressive, however please remember that Mr. Mayshark is so dedicated to the public that Mayor Rogero has publicly stated in the past that he needs to get a life.