City Public Service crews have extended brush collection hours to 6 p.m. this week in order to accommodate residences with unusually large volumes of brush caused by last week’s storms.


“Much like winter weather response services, we’ve extended crew hours to help our customers have the most convenient experience possible under the circumstances,” said Chad Weth, Director of Public Service. “Typically our crews collect eight to ten truckloads of brush on any given day this time of year, but we collected 30 truckloads on Friday.”


Weth said crews are making every attempt to follow regular collection schedules, but some areas will be a few days behind due to the heavy volume.


“With our crews working overtime, we anticipate getting back on schedule by next week,” said Weth.


From February through October, City crews regularly collect brush and other household yard waste on a two-week collection cycle. As reminder, City crews will not collect trees that have been professionally trimmed or cut down. This debris should be removed by the private contractor performing the services.


To learn your neighborhood’s status on the City’s adjusted collection schedule this week, please call 311. For more information about City brush services, visit