Mr. Mayshark, the public information officer for the City of Knoxville has informed me in writing that the downtown booting situation appears to be resolved.  He also informed me about the little known “Wrecker Services Division.” Here is the email word for word.


The Wrecker Services Commission doesn’t have regularly scheduled meetings, it meets as needed. The last meeting was in 2012. Since then two members’ terms have expired and new members are being appointed. Once the full contingent is in place, which should happen within the next month, the Commission will schedule a public meeting to gather input and review the booting ordinance. Any recommendations for changes would have to go to City Council for consideration.


As far as the number of boots on a car goes, we understand from the parking operators and booting contractors that they charge only the flat $75 fee regardless of how many boots they place on a car. They sometimes place multiple boots to discourage people from trying to just remove a booted tire and replace it with a spare.

Let me know if you need anything else.


Dan Andrews reporting.