The Voice of the Voiceless nonprofit organization has joined forces with the Knoxville /Knox County League of Women Voters in an effort to register and count as many people as possible for the 2020 Census and the deadline for voter registration.


They and other sponsors are holding a CONCERT ON THE LAWN: BE COUNTED event on Sunday, October 4th, 2020 from 2 p.m. till 6 p.m.


The event will be held on the back lawn of the CONNECT Ministries building at 3615 Martin Luther King Ave. Knox TN 37914


People are encouraged to attend and bring others to fill out their census with the Census agents who will be on site and also register to vote and get information on voter restoration from the League. There will be music by Larry Blair under the tent and people can bring a lawn chair and sit and listen to some smooth sounds.


“The deadlines are upon us,” said Vivian Shipe Executive Director of I AM The Voice of the Voiceless and a member of the cities complete census count team. “The judge’s ruling buys us some more time for the census till the end of October but with the looming deadline of Monday the 5th to get people registered to vote; we are drawing a line in the sand and taking a stand with this event to give everyone who has not done their civic duty a place to come. If they are leary of people coming to their home or worried about COVID issues,  we are providing the resources for them.”


The event will be a fun one as there will be prizes given out every hour for those bringing ten or more to vote or do their census.

Social distancing will be practiced and masks are required of all to participate. Parking is free across the street at Greater Warner Tabernacle AME Church.


Shipe said, “This census and this election are the most critical in the history of our country. Voting lines are going to be redrawn from the results of this count and how 675 BILLION dollars every year for the next ten years will be apportioned will greatly affect our communities. We don’t want anyone to be left out. In 2010 over one million children were not counted. That can’t happen again.


“We need everyone to BE COUNTED and to be able to VOTE!”