Dear Friends,
I am tremendously EXCITED to announce my candidacy to become the next Mayor of the City of Knoxville! Exactly one year from today, Knoxvillians will head to the polls to cast their ballots and I hope to earn your vote!


A little over seven years ago, I ran for City Council to make a difference on the issues I felt passionate about, including addressing vacancy and blight, mixed use development, sustainability and sound fiscal management. During my time on Council, the City has made great PROGRESS! We implemented significant pension reform, maintained focused efforts on walkable communities, put Knoxville on the map as an outdoor destination with investments in Lakeshore Park and the Urban Wilderness, took bold steps to reduce sign clutter with a new sign ordinance and we are currently updating the zoning code to lay the foundation for growth for the next 40 years!


I know where Knoxville has been and I know where it needs to go. Having been involved in the City’s recent success and understanding the upcoming challenges, I have a clear VISION for Knoxville going forward. We must continue to build on the energy and momentum we have, while also addressing the inevitable challenges that come with success, like affordability, traffic and constantly raising our own standards.

While the City has improved significantly, Knoxville’s FUTURE is even brighter! Our campaign will emphasize strategic economic development, connecting parks and greenways, improving transit, promoting active transportation and healthy living, embracing diversity, fiscal responsibility and providing top quality services to our citizens. Most importantly, over the next year we want to hear from YOU! Government works best by making sure all citizens are involved and have a seat at the table. A great city is measured by the quality of the lives of the people who live in it, so we must make sure ALL Knoxvillians are reaping the benefits of progress.
We have a big job ahead of us and I am up for the challenge to lead Knoxville forward! So, let’s do this! Please share with your friends and family and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!


Marshall Stair