The Cove at Concord Park will reopen today at 4 p.m., roughly two weeks after heavy winds and a blistering storm forced its closure.


“I said right from the start that we wanted The Cove up and running as quickly and safely as possible and I feel we were able to do just that,” said Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett. “Our folks in the Parks and Recreation Department along with Mencer’s Tree Service, Valley Excavating and LCUB, really stepped up.”


River Sports, which rents paddleboards and kayaks at The Cove, also will reopen at 4 p.m. today.


A storm wiped out much of The Cove on Saturday, May 27, knocking down more than 100 trees; flattening benches, tables and fences; and breaking parts of the playground and stage.


County workers and contractors quickly removed the trees and cleaned the area as LCUB installed new underground power lines. The county also brought in new sand and mulch and removed and replaced number of broken benches and tables.


“Safety was our main priority and now that the trees were hauled off and the power lines fixed we want to welcome everyone back to The Cove,” said Parks and Recreation Director Doug Bataille. “There is still some work to do and that will be ongoing. But, since we’ve got some of the hardest workers in the area, it shouldn’t take long.”


The Saturday concert set for The Cove and TWRA-sponsored free fishing day event also scheduled for Saturday are still canceled. There is, however, a concert scheduled Saturday from 6-8 p.m. at New Harvest Park and the The Cove concerts for July and August are still on.


The Cove is located at 11808 S. Northshore Drive.