The Crowne Plaza in Downtown Knoxville took swift action in making the sidewalk area safer. After the recent record rainfall the trolley stop located in front of the hotel resembled a mud pit.  This was the result of both tourists, citizens, and clients of the Crowne Plaza gaining access to the Trolley. After a review of the situation by corporate administration, it was decided that the hotel would pay for the upgrade and repair of the sidewalk. The administration also decided to take swift action and rectified the situation quickly. In an exclusive interview with the General Manager of Crowne Plaza, Ken Knight explained to the Focus why the hotel did not wait for the City of Knoxville to take action. “It is about being a good corporate citizen. We as a company reviewed the situation and thought the best course of action would be to take on and pay for the project ourself. Repairing the sidewalk area benefits the citizens of Knoxville and our customers who use the trolley service. This is a win, win, win, for everyone. “