By Mike Steely

If you know some older person with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other cognitive impairment you may want to look into the Daily Living Center. Located in North Knoxville just off Bruin Road (North Central Avenue) the facility is operated as a component of the John T. O’Connor Senior Center. For caregivers who need to go to work during the day and need a safe and well-supervised place for their loved ones when they can no longer stay safely at home, the Daily Living Center may be ideal.

The Daily Living Center, a licensed adult day care center providing community-based services, is part of the Community Action Committee and is free or very inexpensive to join. If the person’s income is less than $979 a month use of the center is free. If the income is above that the cost could be as little as $5 or $16 per week.

Wendy Badgley, Center Manager, told The Focus that the center is the only adult day care for cognitive impairment in Knoxville providing free transportation. Most participants use CAC mini-busses to get there and back home.

Activities at the Daily Living Center, Monday through Friday, begin at 8:30 with breakfast. That’s followed by memory exercises, arts and crafts including things like sewing, wood crafts, etc. That’s followed by a lunch and a rest period. There are group games in the afternoon with scores and competition in events like bean bag tossing or adaptive horseshoes.

There’s a 1:30 snack and then a free time.

“We’re part of CAC and we provide a loving place for older adults who need a little extra care and support,” Badgley said. The center provides socialization programs to enable participants to age in place.

The idea is to provide community-based services to Knox County residents who are in need of a structured program that will develop or improve daily living skills. Funding comes from the Tennessee Department of Human Services Social Service grant.

The address is 3900 Probus Road in Northridge Crossing.

The Daily Living Center is currently accepting new participants. If you’re interested or know someone who could benefit from the valuable service you may call (865) 689-8412. You can also find the center on the internet at