Conservative community activist and one of District 6’s representatives on the Knox County Charter Review Committee plans to introduce an amendment to the Knox County Charter making Knox County a second amendment “sanctuary county.”

“It is the duty of government to ensure that the rights of their citizens are not only protected now but also protected in the future,” said Herrera. “What I plan to introduce will play a small part in protecting our constitutional rights, but it will always be up to the people to remain vigilant and stand firm on their rights.

Daniel Herrera received his undergraduate degree from the Catholic University of America and recently a Juris Doctorate degree from the Lincoln Memorial University, Duncan School of Law.  He was a recent radio show host of “Knoxville’s Morning News” on 92.3fm/AM670 and has been heavily involved in the Republican Party.

According to his Facebook page, Herrera’s soon-to-be proposed amendment reads as follows:

“(1) ?????? ???? ?????? ? ????????? ?????? ??? ????????: ‘That the Code of Knox County, Tennessee, is hereby amended by adding Sec. 2.11 of Article II LEGISLATIVE BRANCH, titled ‘Constitutional Protections’ to be numbered, which section shall read as follows: That Knox County hereby expresses its intent to uphold the second amendment rights of the citizens of Knox County, Tennessee, and its intent that public funds of the County not to be used to restrict second amendment rights or to aid in the unnecessary and unconstitutional restriction of the rights under the second amendment of the citizens of Knox County, Tennessee, to bear arms in accordance with due process.”

“At the end of the day, we are a government for the people, of the people, and by the people,” said, Herrera. “It is my duty, not only as a citizen but also as a representative on this committee to protect the rights of the people of Knox County.”

If anyone wants to reach out to Daniel Herrera, they can visit his Facebook page to send him a message or follow to remain up-to-date.